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Bodrum Gokova Bodrum

8 Days 7 Nights

Bodrum - Alakışla - Çökertme - English Harbour - Sedir Adası ( Cleopatra Island ) - Karacasöğüt - Löngöz - Orak Adası ( Orak Island ) - Papuçburnu

Embarkation Port : Bodrum

Disembarkation Port : Bodrum

Bodrum Gokova Bodrum Itinerary

Steward/stewardess helps guests settle in their cabins from 3:30 pm onward. Brief information is provided on the tour and the boat. Food service onboard begins with the evening meal; overnight stay in the port. Guests are free to explore Bodrum.

As guests are having breakfast, the captain completes the harbour formalities required for departure; after breakfast, the guide and captain introduce the boat’s crew, provide information about the tour and the sites that will be visited, and show them on a map. After breakfast and the briefing, depart for Alakisla Inlet. Ruins at the ancient Byzantine village may be visited. The evening meal and overnight stay at Cokertme, a lovely little fishing village.

Depart for the sparkling blue waters of Tuzla Bay before breakfast. Lunch and swim stop at Tuzla. The evening meal is served onboard, overnight stay at English Harbour. The name English Harbour comes from the fact that British Navy boats hid here during World War Two.

Depart for Sedir Island after breakfast. The ancient Helen-Roman site called Cedrai is located here. It was used as shelter by the knights of Rhodes in medieval times. Sightseeing on the island includes the church, amphitheater, necropolis, ruins of homes, and the knights’ coat of arms. Inscriptions found on the island state Cleopatra came to the island and swam here. This is why the small cove on the island is called Cleopatra Beach. The sand in this cove resembles bulgur grains and is thought to be the remains of marine creatures; removing sand from the beach is forbidden. Legend has it that when Antonius saw how much Cleopatra liked the area, he had boats carry sand over here from North Africa. This type of sand is presently only found in Tunisia. There is an entrance fee for Sedir Island. The evening meal and overnight stay at Karacasogut, a quaint fishing village surrounded by pine trees. A trip to Marmaris can be arranged from Karacasogut. The drive takes 20 minutes.

Ballisu Cove right after breakfast. The evening meal and overnight stay at Longoz, an exquisite wonder of nature. Guests may enjoy an evening stroll in the forest.

Depart for Kargili Bay before breakfast. Following lunch, move onto the pristine waters of Orak Island. The evening meal and overnight stay on this beautiful island.

Depart for Papucburnu Island after breakfast. After lunch and a swim stop, sail to Haremten Bay. Five o’clock tea is served in the cove, then the boat enters Bodrum Harbour. Overnight stay at Bodrum port.

After breakfast, disembark with good memories, latest by 10.30 am.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cruise itineraries are given as a general guide only and may have to be changed without prior notice and are dependent on weather and docking conditions. Your captain has the final say.

Meals on Board

As many yachting companies cut back on food service, Blue Guide takes it up a notch.

Our chefs lend their creative talents and vast knowledge of Turkish cuisine. Their creations are simple and delicious, combining a focus on high-quality produce with carefully-defined flavors - perfect for our onboard service.

The menu will highlight the best of Turkish cuisine, allowing international travelers to get a taste of Turkey’s culinary style and culture the moment they set foot on our yachts. Our goal will be to showcase the best tastes of Turkey and the Med, using only the freshest ingredients the country has to offer. Travelers are in for a real treat!

Cruising embodies the best in all aspects of life: rolling waves, clear sea air, sunshine, exotic ports, excellent service, exciting entertainment, and gourmet food! The food aboard gulets is legendary, for its abundance, presentation and palatability. The rear deck of the gulet is the lounge and dining area where you will be served freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, including grilled meats, fish dishes, a variety of fresh salads and fruits and Turkish specialties. Afternoon tea is served with biscuits or cakes. All meals are surprisingly good, healthy and nutritious. Dinner on the aft deck is usually the highlight of the day: a long leisure meal sitting under the stars and listening to the water lapping at the hull of the gulet.

You will never go hungry aboard our gulets! In all cabin charters meals are fully included (except soft and alcoholic beverages), served three times each day!

If you plan to celebrate an anniversary or birthday during your voyage, special arrangements may be made in advance. A special dessert, or a bottle of vintage wine or champagne, will help you create the perfect special occasion memory. Just tell us at the time of your booking!

Many charters will accommodate guests' special dietary needs, such as vegetarian, diabetic, low-fat, low-sodium, low-cholesterol, or kosher diets. Turkish cuisine has lot to offer for those who are vegetarian. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits are available at the restaurants and on the boat. Please specify the dietary restriction, if there's something that client doesn't eat such as wheat products, sugar, nuts etc. If you require a special diet, tell us when you book your voyage, so we can be sure your voyage selection is able to meet your special needs. In addition, experienced voyagers will reconfirm their special diet requests soon after boarding the gulet.

Drinks on Board

  • All beverages, including drinking water, non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks will be bought on board the yacht. All drinks will be purchased on board and will be added to your final bill.
  • Gratuity (at least 10% is customary).


  • Accommodation on board
  • full board meals
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Dinner
  • Insurance for passengers, Crew and hull
  • Fuel
  • Fresh water for showers
  • Harbour fees


  • Travel to and from port of embarkation
  • All beverages, including non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks which will be purchased on board the yacht. All drinks may be purchased on board and will be added to your final bill.
  • Gratuity (at least 10% is customary).
  • Activities undertaken with third parties such as diving or guided trips.
  • Meals and beverages ashore.
  • Telephone/other communications.
  • Single passengers who wish to have a cabin for themselves must pay an additional 70% of the cruise price.
  • Prices apply to Internet bookings with ONLY.

What to bring

  • * T-shirts & Shorts.
  • * Light pants or skirts and tops for evening meals.
  • * Bathing Suits.
  • * Sun Block (SPF 15-30)
  • * Beach Cover Ups.
  • * Soft soled shoes for the top sides of the boat. Bare feet below decks please.
  • * Sport (comfortable flat) shoes for going on the shore.
  • * Swimming shoes.
  • * There are 2-PINS electrical plugs on board, 220 V when the generator / engine is on and in the ports. If you use different plugs, like UK plugs please do bring adapters with you.
  • * Your favourite CD's or tapes.
  • * Camera, Batteries, chargers and socket adaptors (conversion plugs), they can be expensive / unavailable in Turkey.
  • * Hats and sunglasses.
  • * Fishing equipment if you are so inclined, but rods are available for use.
  • * Snorkelling gear if you are so inclined, but masks and flippers are available for use.
  • * Burn remedies and soothers.
  • * Wet weather gear (if you are the pessimistic type).
  • * Beach Towels/blankets. Bath towels are supplied for use aboard the boat, large beach towels aren't. Beach Towels can be bought in Marmaris, in case you do not want to carry them.
  • * Seasickness remedies, if anyone in your party is prone to this ailment.
  • * Soft sided luggage or duffel bags. Your yacht won't have "conventional" closets. Hard sided luggage often presents storage problems.
  • * Bug repellent.
  • * Medications
  • * Anything you can't do without for a day..

Cruise Highlights

The exciting night life of Bodrum, with its countless bars and restaurants.

Karacasogut’s pretty village and close proximity to Marmaris (a half hour taxi drive away).

English Harbour – where a group of II World War British Torpedo Boats are said to have taken refuge.